Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Thankful for those who showed love and care

I was admitted again this time to do a procedure. I must say it’s a rather tramatising experience and it’s another warning to take health seriously.

Many things going on but if I look on the bright side I’m also grateful for the opportunity to be offered care and concern by people around me!

My office folks for example, almost everyone came and visited me during lunch. It was such a heart warming feeling and the very lovely get well soon bouquet they sent....

What a classy and sweet arrangement! It did brighten my ward!

I was too cui to take pics with it so I sent snaffles!

And of course, my anchor during this period of time...

She helped me with a lot of errands and was there to care for me, taking care of each and every of my whims and requests! Thank you Bunny love!

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