Friday, June 15, 2018

Trio Seafoodies Birthday @ Firebake

The Seafoodies decided on Firebake to do our trio birthday celebration for squiddy, fishy and me!

I have been hearing how when this place started it was packed with people!

An iced latte to kick start the brunch. Most importantly, I wasn’t the latest one! ✌🏻

For starters, we shared a chicken liver pate...

Which was really good!

The bread was also very good! Butter was salted (and chargeable if you want refills).

First up for mains was the prawn pasta which was also the nicest item!

It was filled with prawn punch in terms of flavour! So good they almost wanted to order another! Inside was some mini ebi, really good!

Next up were the mussels...

The mussels were nice but not like wowwwww. The white sauce went well as a dip with the bread.

The beef stew...

Ok while the beef stew was ok, it was not wow. It’s not as thick as I’d like it to be and not as hot as I wish it to be!

The braised pork belly...

Thick slab and fatty! Not our kind of pork belly thou! I guess we half hoped for it to be crackling but they did however indicate as braised :)

We saw another table order this and we thought it looked really good while it passed by us....

We now realize it only looks better on others’ table. It was... ok~ not something I will order again.

We shared a chocolate brick as our joint birthday cake!

Not forgetting Crabby and I have the same watch! And I barely or almost never wear watches!


Always glad to do our usual catch up! Girl talks are the best!

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