Thursday, June 14, 2018

Birthday treat from Kendi

Kendi wanted to give me a birthday treat and we decided on Morsels, some place where we both have not visited and heard some good reviews of....

My beautiful tao Kay today...

Morsels was a very very small place. Probably just 20ish 30 seater in a very rustic setting...

The lunch menu was option of the rotational food item of the week (which for today is laksa, going at about $28) OR the sharing menu.

The sharing menu is a set menu where you get choice of one starter, One pasta, one mains and One Dessert. That went at like $45 and options of additional courses at additional course. 

What we were a bit confused about initially was when the server told us all the items on the sharing menu as the name suggest, is to be shared. This means if 2/3/4 person visited, if one chooses oyster for the starter, the other person (people) must have the same. Cannot go for tuna tartare? 

Means everyone must have the exact same items for every course? So boring right?

After clarifying and reclarifying, we caught the hint in the term “other than dietary restrictions”. I literally visualized myself doing a double wink left right up down with the server. 🤣

So anyway, starter we had the tuna tartare. Both of us! No dietary restrictions! 

The cracker was very thin and the tuna tartare was very nicely seasoned. Yummy! 

But wah upon the starter, we were a little worried. 吃得饱吗?feels like I’d still go very hungry after the next 3 courses!

For the next course, we had a “dietary restrictions” and managed to get a scallop and clam...

Scallop was sashimi style and seasoned. Good but very small portion.

Clams were cooked in very flavourful white sauce...

Very satisfied with the flavours but portions were making us wonder if we need to seek alternative venues later!

Pasta was the spicy pesto pulled pork (or was it beef)... which was really good as well!

I super love their squid ink risotto! It is so so so flavourful but it was such a smalllllllll portion. Like I can finish in one mouth!!! But it’s one of the few squid ink around these days that’s so flavourful with the squid ink punch!

And the mains of the salmon and chicken...

The salmon was done really well, sous vide style meaning it wasn’t over cooked, very yummy!

But the chicken, oh my god the chicken! I must say the chicken is my favourite of everything! 

I don’t know if the chicken is something that goes for everyone but I LOVE IT! It’s got the very chicken-ish taste! The center part that’s a bit red is like some chinese wine-ish taste and even the corn that came accompanied was very special in taste. It felt like the corn was also infused with the chicken taste! 

My only pick is still the portion... like.... so Nice why so little??

And lastly for dessert we went for the Panna cotta...

Thank you for the birthday treat!

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