Saturday, June 9, 2018

Joint birthday celebration with Wendy @ Osteria Art

Bunny gave me and Wendy a joint birthday treat and we decided on Osteria Art!

Been awhile since I visited Osteria but it is Bunny’s first visit after hearing me rave a few times about Osteria’s pork cheeks pasta!

Wendy and Jessica arrived first and they ordered the foie gras and the prawn tartar...

The foie gras was very good and a decent portion.

The prawn tartar was a very small portion and taste wasn’t strong but texture was good in my view.

Some complimentary bread like thingy...

Accompanied with some Parmesan shavings.


The burrata was ok, it was decent but can be better!

My favourite pork cheeks pappadelle!

After trying, they all agreed with me that this pasta here is superb! The pasta has a bouncy texture and the flavor of the sauce went very well with the pasta! A must order!

The Uni pasta...

Which was decent but I kind of felt it’s not worth the price.

The tomahawk was going at $148 and it was really good! Served with some grilled rosemary, the aroma was great!

The steak!!! Thumbs up!!! 

It was juicy and we all loved the slightly charred sides with some salted sides. It’s very good! Something that I wouldn’t mind coming back for!

And in name of our birthday!

Make a wish!

The tiramisu was really dry...

The Ferraro rocher was not bad...

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