Saturday, June 9, 2018

Greenwood treat from ah yee and ping jie jie!

Ah yee and ping jie jie offered to give me a birthday treat and the venue was decided to be at Greenwood! We visited the first Greenwood fish market years ago at Greenwood itself and it left us very good impression.

Today, we take on the Sentosa outlet despite rumors of tight security due to the upcoming Donald and Kim conference! There were no observations of any enforced security thou!

Greenwood! Check out my diet Bunny who is on cheat day!

Seafood chowder...

The seafood chowder was thick with good amount of seafood but taste wise it wasn’t as flavourful

Crab cake!

The crab cake was pretty good! Nicely crispy and good portion of crab meat inside above a nest of beet root salad!


The calamari was fairly decent. I wouldn’t say it’s superb but it’s ok!


We liked the oysters that were served in general. Especially the Canadian ones!

The server recommended the monk fish. He described it as a lobster like texture and told us how some regions, people who cannot afford lobsters will have monk fish...

The monk fish portion was hugh! Like some tomahawk rack, it’s so good! We all loved it so much! The texture was firm and fresh! I think we will be back for it!

Bunny ordered the barimandi...

I thought was ok but she really liked it!

Fish and chips, with chips replaced by greens...

With my adorable cousin!


Was chatting with Jeraldine via Watsapp and realised that they were in the area too!

Been so so long since we met! Happy they popped by!

My cute zy!

And some lovely ootd shots !

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