Sunday, March 18, 2018

Private dinner with Mummy at Osia

Brought Mummy for dinner at Osia! Shared a flat bread of mixed flavors. Sundried tomato and garlic Parmesan...

Not a fan of bread but always a fan of their flat bread for the nicely warm bread with the fragrant flavor.

Complimentary from the chef, something like croquette with blue cheese sauce, very good!

Basil purée...

Pretty good! With raw scallop.

And the seafood platter for Mummy....

The seafood platter is a must order every time we are here! The Seafood is nicely charred esp the octopus. It’s a good platter including prawn, lobster, scallop, octopus and a damn yummy pot of clam. The sauce from it is also awesome!

Mama likes it!

Also had a pork chop to share!

Tender and good!

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