Friday, March 23, 2018

Lenzi Lunch!

After a fruitful appointment, my partners in Thailand decided we will do lunch here at Lenzi. Apparently the owner, Chef Francesco used to be from one of the hotels here and decided to set up his own restaurant.

For starters, we were served the complimentary bread...

With the lovely ladies! In case you are wondering too, I also think my thai partner only hires pretty ladies! Haha

It was a nice and good lunch and catch up with the ladies.

First up was the burrata....

Goes very well with the pesto sauce and of course, the tomatoes!

And a spread of cold cuts!

We also shared a pasta! The pasta was so good! Tomato based with cubes of pork that was tender and bouncy! The flavour was great too!

Khun amp and I shared a tomahawk! 

The tomahawk was nicely charred with salt on the side and that thyme added the flavour! 

What a sight! What a photogenic piece of meat!

It was so good. The staff was adding salt on the sides too as the smoke continued to fade out, very cool!

Dessert was panna cotta and tiramisu! 

The tiramisu was SO GOOD! Like really good! Moist cake with some cream and I can taste the coffee oozing out, love it!

Come on, a wefie before our next appointment!

The ladies are really nice!

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