Friday, February 2, 2018

Lunch with an Opera House view!

Got to give special thanks to Darrell for arranging this special lunch and coordinating for us! 

We got best seats and lunch with a great view of the Sydney opera house!

Our meal was started with a complimentary mozzarella cheese with tomatoes topped off with a Parmesan crisp, drizzled in balsamic glaze. 

I went for the 2 course lunch while Bunny had the 3 course one which came with a dessert. All lunches comes with a glass of sommelier wine but since I hardly drink, I didn’t have mine. Unexpectedly, the restaurant decided to waive off the chocolate dessert and only charged us for two 2course lunches. Such a sweet and thoughtful gesture. 

For our starters, I went for the fresh oysters and bunny had the Burrata.

 Oysters were fresh and succulent as expected. The burrata however was a little underwhelming due to the lack of flavor from the cheese itself but Bunny loved it as she found the combination of honey and figs refreshing. Gotta say it’s also the most photogenic dish we had that day. Gorgeous! 

Bunny ordered the tenderloin as her main and we’re both glad she did cuz it was the one nicely done steak we had in our entire trip that’s finally not excessively charred. Only wished it was bigger. Hahaha. She was adamant about having steaks this trip, but most (almost all) we had were very charred and smoky in flavor. Not how I’d like my steak done. I like mine juicy, tender with hints of fats. And most importantly, I love the natural taste of good meat! Hahaha. 
Anw back to my main, I had the beef brisket with sweet potato salad. Unfortunately the glaze/sauce was a tad too sweet for my liking. But it was done just right in terms of texture and flavor. We ordered two additional sides ($10 each), avocado and greens salad, and a mashed potatoes. I swore I heard the waitstaff mentioned lashed tomatoes and I was so curious to find out how it was done and what it was! Turns out I heard wrongly. Hahaha. Mash was just ok, guess we’re spoilt by all the different flavored mash such as truffled ones etc, so this was really very basic in terms of flavor. It literally just tasted like potatoes. Lol. 

We finally got to our desserts and it was damn good! The valrhona chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream was so good Bunny was trying her luck so much to order another one. The cake’s texture was so on point, moist and better yet, it was dark chocolate so it’s not overly sweet either. Definitely the item we would order if we ever head back to Sydney Hyatt at The Rocks.

After the nice lunch and my appointment, we walked out a bit to check out the view and took a few more pictures.

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