Thursday, February 22, 2018

Journey to the west for Buddha jump over the wall

a true 西游记 indeed! Coz we really took on a journey to the west for this infamous 佛跳墙 that Loh gong Zai and minako recommended!

It is located at the Yuan Ching food court where Super Bowl is and they gave rave recommendations about this! In fact they said the ABC market has a same stall but the standard isn’t on par. He said the one here is wayyyyyyyyy better despite that the ABC One won some Michelin Star?

Buddha jump over the wall for a mere $7?

For $7, we have no complains! In fact, we wonder how they earn $! And actually, the soup was super flavorful! It was superb! Each bowl came with many pieces of fish maw, mushroom and fake abalone too...

Aside from the soup, we also ordered the pork trotters....

It was rather tender. Not the mosttt flavourful but no complains!

I also loved the olive rice! 

Thank you for the great recommendation!

And thank you for the treat!! 

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