Friday, February 23, 2018

Bunny’s ultra belated birthday celebration

It’s unfortunate that bunny’s birthday this year was Chu yi and with all the being overseas for work and CNY and Things happening, it was tough having a good celebration for her. In fact even today wasn’t like the best. She had asked for dancing crab but we honestly haven’t had the time.

After visiting d’good Cafe previously with joanne and Randal, I quite liked the place and decided to bring Bunny after we ran some errands today!

I like the place for how it’s a cozy cafe and reasonably priced food. The self service piece is a bit tedious but the staffs were generally nice. For the prices I won’t complain.

First time to introduce will be the tomato cream sauce striploin pasta...

The sauce was really nice. Tomato cream based and the striploin was tender with a generous amount of mushroom. 

Also has a meatball marinara...

Which in our view was just ok. Rather homecooked kind of feel.

The scrambled egg muffin was da bomb!

This was SO GOOD! The eggs were nicely scrambled and the muffin was nothing like what u have at McDonald’s. It was crispy on the outside and fluffy inside, a must try! A bit steep at $8 but Bunny said she can easily pop 2 of these.

I also ordered the portobello mushroom eggs Ben again coz I like that they had no buns or starch!

Bunny’s maple latte...

We also went for the pancake which seems to be really special. Looks more like egg omelette! And they have savoury ones so we went for the Parma ham and rock melon...

I’d say I like the texture of the pancakes but I didn’t like the sauce they had with this one. It was lemonish in flavour and it just tasted weird as a combi for us.

And my little attempt to make up for the inadequate effort for her birthday...

Happy birthday again Bunny love!

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