Thursday, February 8, 2018


I don’t recall the people here being so cold the last time I was here. They are as cold as the weather now if not colder. And in general kind of rude. Sure, there are a few nice ones around but sometimes you don’t get what some of them are even feeling angry or angst about. 

We were due to do a set up today and all cars apparently have to be registered. As we got to one of the road blocks, instead of property explaining to us, all they did initially was to brush us off in a commanding way, in German to turn away. No explanation, nothing, leaving us lost. Any clarifications was returned in a can-you-just-go-away kind of  reply. 

Anyway, after we got the information right, in essence or time, we sort of decided to get off and walk while the driver went on to do the car registeration thingy.

Who knows as soon as we got off, my colleague who was driving drove off, we were stopped from walking as well. So we were stuck right in the middle of the roadside of the convention halls, not able to walk ahead and the hall they want us to walk to was damn far off. 

While we were stuck, these pics took place. No amount of puppy eyes would do.

Thank god another vehicle of ours dropped by in time and saved three of us!

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