Saturday, February 3, 2018

Being Typical Singaporeans...

So we randomly walked along Chinatown of Sydney after heading to the Paddy’s market and we chanced upon a QUEUE! 

And being typical Singaporeans, got Q we MUST JOIN!

Buy what? Duno! But den hor, ang moh also Q, must be good!

Probably some kind of pastry? We got to see what we were queuing for nearer to the front and while there’s a Q, it’s a short one.

Emperor’s puff! It looks like kueh neng ko!

Initially we thot it’s like the 鸡蛋仔 from HK but not quite. It’s actually some round balls of pastry puff with custard inside. It’s like waffle custard cream puff!

Quite a good mix and particularly good when u have it hot. Just bite a little and it gets u to the centre...

Nom nom nom!

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