Sunday, January 28, 2018

Stuffing our faces into Grill’d burgers!

Upon bunny’s recommendation, we decided to have Grill’d burgers for our dinner on the second day of the trip. 

She said it was so good that one of her friend would pack it home whenever she has flights to Aussie. Haha. So I guess it’s a must try? 

It’s like a burger joint that apparently serves ‘healthier’ selections and ‘healthier’ burgers with options for a LowCarb burger bun. Bunny went for the Pork burger (after my suggestion hahahaha) while I went for the Wagyu Truffled beef burger. We also ordered two sliders, one Chicken & Brie and the other their Classic burger to share. Burgers are ordered ala carte so it doesn’t come in a meal, so no chips/fries. We decided to go for a Zucchini chips instead for a change, which turned out to be a good choice! 

One thing to mention, is that it being a burger joint, I was kind of expecting them to serve drinks like milkshake or something but they only serve bottled drinks. How odd. 

Anw the sliders were really good, the bun was very nice (even for a non-bread fan like me).

 In fact it’s even nicer than the Macau Cafe ones we’ve been crazy about recently. The chicken & Brie was pretty nice and fortunately the chicken breast was the tender kind so it was pretty good. The cranberry sauce and cheese gelled up the flavors pretty well. The classic burger was pretty good too, not sure if the magic came from the bun for the sliders cuz when we had our actual burgers, the patty was less than impressive. 

My wagyu truffled beef burger (with an extra order of patty) was saved by its accompanying sauce and condiments.

 The truffle mayo and the bacon pulled the burger together, making up for the not-so-juicy patty. 

The pork belly burger bunny ordered on the other hand was pretty good. 

The pork pulled apart easily and was charred just right. The grilled pineapple also served to balance the overall flavors with subtle sweetness and not to mention the bun. Hahaha. See, I always make good food choices. Good thing I suggested bunny to go for the pork belly one. Hahaha. All in all, a pretty nice burger joint. Not blown away but was good dinner experience.

And here’s us, stuffing our faces into the burgers!

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