Friday, January 26, 2018

Meriton Suites @ Pitt Street!

I think I spent a lot of time refreshing on agoda trying to find a decent place for this trip. A decent place at a decent price yet near to where I need to be. Especially when it’s a work trip and I’m not the one paying, sometimes I need to consider a lot other factors.

Not like I need someplace super high end but I have certain living habits that I feel if I should need to travel, should not be compromised compromised? Like an absolute need is to have a place that can provide me with Ice on demand and a mobile shower head in the toilet! 

Anyway, despite all the agoda-ing, Bunny found this place called Meriton on Pitt Street that was close enough to where I needed to be and it seems decent enuff, cheap enuff too and it’s got a fridge where we can make our own ice!

With our first night here, I overall quite like the place and the overall feel of the service so far!

Someone say want to cook for me but no proper kitchen. Now got Kitchen she say no condiments! Salt n pepper cost how much? #%^*+

Excuse more than bak you! 

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