Saturday, January 20, 2018

iSteak with Fifi!

Took up a Facebook promo where there’s cut+dye+treatment  at this place called Hair Inc!

I thought it’s quite a good promo and to do my hair for CNY!

They have two outlets, one at Holland V, another at Serangoon gardens. It didn’t matter to me so I let them allocate. I was assigned an appointment at Serangoon gardens based on my availability!

Located at level 2 of 64A Serangoon gardens. The salon was decorated like an interior design company with comfy sofa to sit on as well...

Overall the service was good. 

Hair looks significantly darker which i don’t mind. The stylist was quite nice.

After the hairdo, fifi came down to meet and catch up with me and we had dinner at iSteak!

Located at level 2 of iVillage! In Fifi’s recommendation, this place is like Ashton’s but way better!

Seating is free seating and orders are at counter!

HAHAHAHA, I only just noticed the expression on the 3 guys faces! Omg hilarious!

Anyway here’s the menu!

Some of the sides we had, olive fried rice and onion rings!

Gourmet sausages...

I went for the ribeye which was decent...

Bunny had some promo aged steak or something that was way better. It was really quite good!

It was a Happy catch up with fifi as well! The flow of conversations were good!

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