Friday, January 19, 2018

Ichi at Don Don Donki!

Another last min arrangement to head on down to Don Don Donki! Decided to try to q for their sweet potato today! It’s really not a tough process and typically don’t have to q for too long because they will tell you if you are too far back then you can choose not to continue q-ing. 

The sweet potatoes are sold at about hourly intervals and they will indicate and tell you what time it will be on sale. Each potato is going at $2 each now and you are highly encouraged to have exact change - hence it’s really quite a fast moving Q. 

After our first potato, we were so sold we Q-ed a second time! And we were first in Q!

The limited sweet potato....

I tell u, it’s really buay pai! Very very soft and caramelised. The sweetness is very natural! Really good!

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