Monday, January 22, 2018

Healthy lunch with Bree

Some of you may already know, Bree hasn’t been feeling very well lately.

Finally she’s discharged from hospital and asked to meet up for lunch. Rushed over after a promising appointment and we decided to do healthier lunch at Ninja Bowl.

We have both been quite supporters of Ninja Bowl food. Their bowls are one of the better ones around (pun intended!)

The meal started with the coconut mint lemon...

Refreshing pretty drink!

Our bowls! Love their marble bowls! 

I ordered the beef cheeks with addition of orzo! The orzo looks like some pasta in grains form and goes super well with the brown sauce from the beef cheeks!

Bree has the scallop bowl which I liked the fact that their scallops are huge and pan fried except that the scallop felt kinda not so fresh today!

Btw, if anyone is keen in the marble bowls, you can buy them from !

We later also realised that their desserts look damn good! So we ordered 2 of the cakes!

Photo shoot time!

We had the rocher and the pocky!

Both were pretty good! In comparison I think we all preferred the pocky One! 

Lunch was short coz I had to rush back to work but it was a good catch up! Happy to see that this one is feeling better!

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