Saturday, January 27, 2018

First meal in Sydney - Macchiato!

Obviously u know the Golden Gaytime doesn’t count for anything right? We were famished by the time we unpacked. We were also exhausted, damn keen to sleep the noon away but we know that’s not wise. Everything closes by 5pm so we made our way out. But we were too hungry so we took the recommendation of our hotel conceirge to try this Macchiato!

Great service from generally all service staff in the place. I guess that is also the general standard set out over here. Price was one of the more reasonable for the quality and portion of food. Right down to the grilled octopus salad which was evenly seasoned and nicely plated. 

The bolognese we ordered was a little too gamey though, to the point of tasting like mutton. And the pasta texture was slightly less than ideal. 

As for the truffle mash, bunny said it was alright for her. But I felt it tasted more of sour cream than it did Truffle, but texture was to my liking with bits of potatoes. Overall for our first meal in Sydney, still a satisfactory one!

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