Friday, January 26, 2018

Chanel Airport Lounge

We were lucky to have got invitation to the Chanel airport lounge! It’s my first time there so decided to blog about it!

Located at T3 of the airport, those checking in other terminals can also come by after checking in via the sky trains.

And also because of this session, we made it earlier to the airport! The staff will also ask for your flight details so as to ensure your session is timely and not result in any miss of flights. The invite allows me to bring a guest and Bunny did a facial too! In fact, aside from facial, they have a number of other services like Nails, fragrances, eye and Massage etc.

Here we are!

The ladies were really nice, first showing us their “menu” of services...

And offered us drinks. I wanted iced water and it was evian. I actually really dislike Evian but they were so nice I couldn’t bare to reject.

Den it was time for our session!

Bunny actually seldom or rarely accompanies me for my work trip. Happy she’s coming along this time round coz Australia has always been a place we have been meaning to visit together!

The lady who did my facial was Yuan Wong. She was very gentle and nice! And I think importantly having such a session is very good for skin on flight! Frequent flying makes the skin so dry!

At the end of the session (around 30 mins), they even gave us some gifts!

Gifts included a super cute lipgloss, an eye shade for the flight and an invitation to the CK Tangs Chanel spa! 

Thank you for the pampering!

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