Friday, December 29, 2017

3 years on with Bunny love!

Took leave today for our anniversary celebration. We are headed for a Staycation!

Some pics of us before headed for the check in!

Love this series of pics of us! Love us! Never thought I’d find someone who loves me like Bunny does and that I would be able to find such bliss. I’m so thankful I found Bunny.

We also met up with Ken and B for dinner and we bumpe into Zeh and Danny! Such a coincidence! And to top it off, we were all in blue!

After the movie, as we were heading back to the hotel, Bunny suddenly told me “since it’s after 12, I can give you for present now”

I was like ehhh what present?? I thot we agreed no presents and to save up?

She went to the boot and started to look for my present..:

Wow! So Big!

Turns out it’s a photo frame! With 12 slots for pictures and she said we shall take one picture a month!

After which, she told me there’s a part 2! And part 2 was that we booked a studio to take our first set of pictures tomorrow! 

She even got me a set of costumes for the photo shoot tomorrow!

Omg so cute!!!

She also prepared props!

My Bunny is truly truly the sweetest! And most suitable partner ever! I’m happy to have found someone who knows how to treasure me like she does. I know she must be the right one!

Thank you Bunny love!

Looking forward to tml!

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