Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Fynn's with Bunny

Hello and good morning world! It was a impromptu match of the top and bottom which turned out very Chanel-ish. importantly, it made me look so much slimmer!

Lunch with Bunny at Fynn's! It was another impromptu decision, she came to pick me up after my appointment and she remembered how we saw this rather instagram worthy place on Bree's instagram!

this is the interior of the place and i love the marble tables and the modern decor. very instagram worth place indeed!

bunny trying to get a new pic for her watsapp profile!

using her new iPhone X!

The cavetelli with octopus was not avail but they did it in beef ragout for us...

The flavour was good. Pasta texture was alright too. Not the bouncy texture I will wow over but it’s good enough.

The bbq pork rib bowl was special!

The pork rib can be a bit more tender but it’s overall decent. What’s so special is prob that they did a brown rice fried rice and it tasted good!

Overall, its a place i wouldn't mind revisiting. more for its decor though.

and we found a nice OOTD spot!

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