Saturday, October 28, 2017


After our event, Bunny came to pick Ginny and me up! We were gonna go for coffee / brunch. A lady we met at the event overheard us looking out for Instagram worthy places and recommended Punch! 

We took the recommendation and got there! 

Tucked inside a small glass door along North Canal road...

The decor is simple and clean. I believe there are other corners with more instagram worthy areas but we just didn’t manage to head in to explore. We got seats around the second table and ordered away. 

But I really liked the service. The folks were so vibrant and friendly in personality! 

Food wise, they were good too!

This is their version of eggs Ben, only avail for weekends....

The overall combo of the poached egg, the smoked salmon and the toast was good. The toast was nicely buttered and there were apple slices above.

Grilled cheese sandwich!

The grilled cheese sandwich was not bad. Along with it is a tomato soup which was clear based that’s not bad too! It’s got bits of garlic like minced items in it.

Another item that caught all our eyes on the menu was the earl grey pancakes....

Topped with a poached pear coated with chocolate. The earl grey pancakes were good to just eat it on its own!

We ordered additional sides of grilled mushrooms....

The mushrooms are SO GOOD! 

So good we ordered 3 portions!!! It’s seasoned with rosemary and thyme and with different variations of mushrooms! Super good!

The drinks...

Definitely a place worth revisiting!

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