Sunday, September 10, 2017

Talad Neon

Been hearing a bit abt the night markets and despite being a frequent bangkok visitor, to be honest I'm not a frequent night market visitor. Especially for this trip, everyday after work im dead exhausted. Over the weekends, I'd be thinking of the piling up work and never ending emails, the exploding  inbox! Haha

But nonetheless, I read that the talad neon is only avail thurs - Sunday so I dragged myself out. Also that it's quite near the hotel I'm staying. 

I am very much a pasar malam shopper! I love how I can get many knick knacks here (ya, waste money). 

But it's also a good place to get souvenirs!

And this place apparently has loads of food!

Even the maggots!

The salted BBQ food which I love!

Enormous durian!

Online seemed to say this pork bone soup to be really popular...

Not much meat! The soup is like the boat noodle soup, slightly sourish.

And I am so happy I found the siam centre street food stall! They shifted here! And they have damn huge cockles here!!!

It's huge! Hard to find in sg!!

And my favourite salt baked fish!

The stall owner was really nice, giving me old time price for the fish and helped with the opening of the cockles!

It was a nice break!

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