Saturday, September 2, 2017


So today was meant to be like the yoga shoot day but the clubbers and the yoga-ers woke up even earlier than us and did their yoga already. 

In fact, Xinhui came to our room to wake us and we all chop chop prepared to head out for brunch! They bluff me say we are coming back to the room so I didn't really shower shower and naturally no make up! Haha

We went round the corner of our hotel and had this Old Shanghai Snack Dishes....

Brinjal to share...

The brinjal is quite nice, soft and done with vinegar. Not bad!

Noodles were generally regarded as the safe thing to order which was what we did!

And overall the noodles were good except there was dispute on mine! Haha 

I personally liked it but some of them found it too 土味很重。

The salt and pepper pork ribs were good...

Love the si ji dou!

An enjoyable meal!

Selfie after a good meal!

And den they decided to venture out after the meal. Xinhui suggested this place called 田子坊!it was a short cab ride away...

Den suddenly, xinying spotted some MMA contestant ...

And we chased up to ask for a photo opportunity!

Hehe actually I Duno who he is but just take lo! 

He was pretty nice!

And den it was back to 田子坊!

it was love at first step here! I can foresee myself enjoying the shopping here especially if we came here during some year end where the weather was cooling! 

The place looks like some old settlers quarters filled with knick knacks to buy!

Only have my eyes for bunny!

And check out these super cute dim sum! But they only look good, taste is not good at all.

Looking at pics of my bare face, I think I need eyebrow embroidery!

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