Thursday, August 31, 2017

Xin HenOver Day 1!

When Xinhui first invited me to join her Shanghai Hens night, it was almost an immediate YES! Den I realized how I didn't really know most of her other friends aside from Xinying of course! 

But her friends were all really friendly and somehow we just all came together! 

We met early in the airport for breakfast with the boys and it was off to our Shanghai adventure!

Our first trip together after like 17 years of friendship!

We were so lucky! The crew knew it was Xin's hens night and offered us a bottle of champagne!

Cheers to a great adventure!

Bubbles on board!!

Flight was a breeze, getting to the hotel was via a van we hooked up at the airport.

We did really have a small adventure, one of the girls realized she lost her passport (but thank god it was found the next day). Coincidentally, this same girl also realized she forgot her passport at the airport today! So it's like two passport incident in a day!

After checking in, we had wanted to head out for Peking duck but in essence of time we shelved that for tomorrow and decided to venture around our hotel coz cocktail bar was in the books later tonight. 

So we sort of charged up the first shanghainese looking restaurant we saw....

Looks like some pretty legit 汤包 hor?

One of the 招牌菜 seemed to be 三宝饭 which I saw on some tvb series and I was keen to try it! Basically it's rife with 3 kinds of 烧腊。

Another 招牌菜 was their beef noodles which xinying ordered...

Turned out to be the best order for the night coz the other items were really quite cui!

The jelly fish... 

Which was ok, at least edible.

Crab meat Xiao long bao which was more like crab meat 油笼包! 

It was soooooooo oily. Minus the oil it was pretty ok.

And the 三宝饭....

The roast duck was really more of skin with bones. The skin was not crispy. 

The chicken was ok thou not great. Likewise for the char siew.

These are the plates at the end of the meal.....

Needless to say we all had a rather unsatisfying meal. But we definitely had loads of fun.

After dinner, we continued walking around the area, enjoying the night streets of Shanghai...

And oh! What appropriate shopping to do!

We chanced upon this place which sells mango ice...

In a damn instagram worthy form!

Of course we had to order!

I guess they enjoyed it! After we got this, we passed by like 3-4 other brands selling similar mango desserts! And they had quite interesting names! Like one of it was called 榴芒先生!

New friend made on the trip, Emily!

And more friends made on this trip!

We headed back to the hotel with intent to change and head to a cocktail bar thereafter but Xinhui received a surprise from her fiancé....

Wieber arranged for two champagne and some desserts for us in one of the rooms!


As fate and Wieber would have it, we stayed in the hotel for the night instead ;)


We had an awesome night really just chatting and talking about everything and anything and Xinhui has always been this super interesting character who can capture the attention of anyone. She can speak and everyone would want to hear what she says! 

A great first night! 

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