Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Sumo Bar Happy with Annabelle

Matched my Justina Polka with another top today and I'm pleased with the match!

A few days back, Lionel sent me his blog entry of the Sumo Bar Happy....


That made Sumo Bar Happy fast accelerate to the top of my 'to-visit' list!

Located at Waterloo Centre, Sumo Bar Happy is a rather small place. 

The beef rib ramen goes at $42, suitable for sharing...

The mere sight of the beef rib excites me!

Check out the tender beef....

The meat tears off easily and it's juicy and tender. The soup is flavourful and the noodles texture is just right. Importantly, there aren't many beef ramen around. 

As I'm blogging I'm missing the rib!

As the portion of the beef rib is huge, we limited the ordering of sides. The pork knuckle thingy was served very interesting! Served like some dim sum...

The outside is crispy and the inside is mashy with pork knuckle and skin. Anna really loved it. I don't particularly fancy skin so not so much for me.

Aside from beef ramen, they also have beef gyoza. The beef gyoza was not fancy or extraordinary but interesting on outlook, being red and all....

I will be back again for the beef rib ramen!

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