Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Jamming in JKT

It was a last minute trip to Jkt and this time the stay is at Four Points Sheraton. This trip hasn't been the most pleasant. Starting from a sicko uber driver who tried to harass on my first day here to a not so sound proof room at the start of the lunar seventh month!

Back to Seven Friday! Recalling how good the food seemed to have been previously, it's great keeping a food blog coz I can always refer back what I liked or din like and how much I liked it.

The perfect spot (in my view) is always occupied by their staff....

Bo bian, can only cam whore using the next table!

And yes, that's why I say it's the perfect spot!

The lychee tea is a popular drink in indo. Every other place serves it. Probably more popular than lemon tea.

The calamari was good! Chewy in texture and the garlic bits above are saltish. 

The mayo they serve it with is superb!

Referring back, I super loved their beef bowl so it's a no brained repeat order for me!

The beef rib is tender and nicely seasoned with some dark sauce. The sous vide egg when poked, oozes and wets the rice. It's really good!

Best part of it is, the price tag here is really reasonable.

Calamari was about  S$4? The beef bowl was around $8?

It was a steal.

And anyway abt jkt, as u all would have heard, the jam here is damn bad. A short distance also can jam one hour. 

Work trips are never easy, it's always like 10times more busy coz by the time u are back to the hotel, it's time to clock the hours to handle the never ending emails :(

Having said that, I also do appreciate in some sense, the exposure that a regional role brings, having the opportunity to experience places and things I probably wouldn't meet or experience if I was in singapore or if I went on a holiday trip instead.

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