Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Fook Yew!!

Another random choice but this time it's due to the the name and decor that i chose this place. 

Fook Yew!

And accordingly, this is what it stands for...

A semi fusion Chinese decorated cafe....

Love being welcomed by a life size fortune cat!

The menu was like some olden martial skills book!

Ordered a prawn and salted egg dumpling...

Which was ok. Can say it's pretty good for jakarta standards.

Also ordered a fried noodle served in the ang moh Chinese food takeaway box!

This noodle is seafood fried noodles and it's very yummy! I realize they do pretty good fried noodles and rice!

Also couldn't resist ordering the 5 colours Xiao long bao! 

While it probably looks ok, it was quite bad. Haha so much so that I couldn't even finish one. 

And being a halal country, the Xiao long bao is made of chicken instead of pork/beef.

Couldn't help also order the Sheng Mian... which is fried noodles in a seafood gravy...

Which was not bad!

After the meal, I went on for a quick cream bath! 

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