Saturday, August 5, 2017

Dear Dear's birthday celebration at Clinton Bakery!

Dear Dear's birthday celebration today! 

My ootd for today...

Tried a new way of drawing my eyeliner today....

And I realized meitu does much better makeup than me....

See how chio!!

Pink chio hair w/o having to bleach summore!

I really think the pink hair looks damn chio on me la!!

Dinner and celebrarion is at Clinton Bakery!

I went for my usual buttermilk biscuit sandwich which domes with scrambled, biscuit and hash brown...

The tomato paste is really good and goes very well with the biscuit. The hash brown is fabulous! Taste more like mash and buttery!

Leonard went for the buttermilk chicken...

And the pancakes that we've been meaning to try!

I thought their pancakes were pretty ok but they have an incredibly good maple syrup! It's not just sweet but buttery as well.

And of course, there must be a 'cake'! 

Yes! Happy birthday to my bestest bestest friend!

This candle may be nice but it waxed our pancakes! Haha

And leonard had fun with my selfie light!

Like iron man sio!

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