Friday, August 18, 2017

Cat's birthday treat at Gyu Kaku

Cat's birthday treat at Gyu Kaku for their BBQ buffet. Option of $42.90, $48.90 or $54.90.

Most items are the same except for the range and quality of meat. It's great having BBQ where the air con was blasting! I realized this is also why I don't particularly fancy Mookata. It's usually quite hot or the meat quality is just so so. But I'm also impatient so I typically get bored waiting for the food to cook.

The Gyu Kaku buffet is good coz they also include cooked items that can served (and keeps me entertained while the meat is cooked!).

I really enjoyed their rice, both the garlic fried rice and the seaweed rice....

I didn't take much pictures (coz too busy cooking) but I really did enjoy their meat. Be it in terms of quality or taste! They have way more things that I took pictures of so definitely worth a try!

My only pick is they are damn stingy with the dessert (only 1 each). Like, u are already serving buffet, how much ice cream can one person eat?

Also, it's a timed buffet (90minutes) and they are damn strict about it. But overall it's a good buffet. I will come back again.

Happy belated birthday Cat!

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