Tuesday, August 1, 2017



带我去 Nassim Hill Bakery 吃了个很快的午餐!

The place was  relatively packed given its location.

We shared a salad which was decent...

Apparently this is one of their famous egg skillet...

It's a bit like some Spanish breakfast thingy, served in a pan with egg and probably by right chorizo but this was with sausage. It was ok, decent but apparently there's a $5 promo this month. This dish and the corn beef sandwich are only $5 each! That makes it damn worth it!

And this is the corn beef sandwich!

Which was pretty good! Reminds me of the MBS one which we love!

It's with cheese and sauerkraut in generous portions. My own pick is prob the choice of bread and the way it's done. The one at mbs is buttery and toasted whilst this isn't.

Another popular dish from our online research is the chili crab pasta..

It really literally tastes like chili crab with a good portion of crab meat.

Finally, for dessert they recommended the pear crumble....

Which was really good! Served warm topped with a scoop of ice cream, the cold and hot sensation was great! The crumbs on the side was crispy and had a slash of cinnamon, very good! 

And yeah, our 薛之谦!

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