Monday, July 31, 2017

Triple birthday celebration at Beach Road Kitchen

After that previous delightful lunch at Beach Road Kitchen, when the ladies wanted a buffet recommendation for dinner, Beach Road Kitchen easily came to mind! 

Filled with loads of selection for their appetizers and cold seafood, it was a delight even to just look at their selection!

Really love their cold dishes! They have assortment of mackerel, salmon and many other Seafood cold dishes!

And fresh Seafood too!


Lobsters, prawns, crab...

The hot savoury items....

Roast beef!

BBQ items and apparently the lamb chops are fabulous!

Indian selection...

Chinese dishes...

Early birds enjoying the buffet first....

Prissy arrived later with balloons for all the birthday girls!

And desserts! Another buffet with very good desserts selection that actually tastes good!

Knowing it's a trio birthday celebration, they prepared a birthday cake for the birthday ladies followed by a whole crew!

Happy birthday ladies!

Lovely birthday cake prepared by Beach Road Kitchen!

Aside from the cake from Beach Road Kitchen, prissy also prepared cakes from Diabolical Sins. 3 cakes in fact! 

There was crunchy hazelnut...

Black Forest ....

And opera!

Of the 3, the Black Forest was my favourite! The alcoholic cherries were amazing! Super good!

The other 2 cakes were also alcoholic in content. Pretty good!

The ladies busy taking pictures of the birthday cakes...:

Today's theme of dressing was Leng Leng! I.e. Loosefit!

We also did some boomerang after! My first boomerang I think! Haha

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