Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hats on surprise for Ginny!

After my previous hair fascinator theme birthday celebration with Prissy and Fiona, Ginny said she wants a theme celebration too so she decided on a Hats theme! 

While pretending to arrange a date to celebrate her birthday, we 'schemed' to surprise her on her staycation! 

My ootd for the event! Yes, embroidery on strips are in!

Aside from Cass and me, there was also her best friend Cynthia. A few others didn't manage to join in the end.

Our preparations along the lobby...

When she finally opened the door...


Surprise successful! With all Hats on!

Happy birthday in advance Ginny!

We had quite a bit of fun playing Psych and Undercover! New games found! Can't wait to play them!

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