Thursday, July 6, 2017

Baba Chews with Jefrince

Jefrince asked me out for a birthday treat so we went to check out Baba Chews. 

She said she loves peranakan food!

Located at level 1 of Hotel Indigo, Katong...


The interior is gorgeous! Filled with rich peranakan tiles and nonya feel!




Even their menu is so pretty!



Complimentary chips to kick start the meal!


The Keropoks are our local traditional keropoks and they are yummy! Been a long while since I had them!

We both had iced Teh Tarik....


The Teh Tarik was not thick enuff.

Kueh pie tee...


The kueh pie tee was decent.

Pork ball soup...


The soup was quite tasty, broth like style. The meatball was just ok thou.

The Iberico pork Babi pongteh...


This was good! The pork was soft and it was tasty and flavorful. We both liked this!

The chicken buah keluak...


The chicken buah keluak was decent but not exactly good. The nut itself was quite hard inside so it was hard to scoop the inside stuff.

The chicken was also relatively tough.

Taste wise was ok thou.

Chup chai...


The chap chye was good.


There's always room for dessert! So we shared a chendol...


Which was good with gula melaka syrup.


Good catch up w Jefrince!



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