Saturday, June 17, 2017

You didn't miss out, you are right here

This, is a rather sweet entry. 

A couple of weeks back, ah yee texted me and told me she is planning to retake her wedding shots. 

Why? I mean, ah yee and uncle sq have been one of the more thrifty people I know and cost aside, they are also not the cam whore kinda people. Aside from some posts of Zy, they barely upload much pictures or information on Facebook or social media.

And so she told me, this is for Zy. Zy saw their wedding pictures and asked her where he was. Why was he not there?  And he was even emo for awhile so somehow my aunt decided to do a reenactment of her wedding shots! She did her best to keep everything to like before. She chose the same bridal studio, same photographer and even the same make up artist!

Her photographer ah Liang, grew very popular after her wedding (he was even the photographer for Taiwanese celeb 5566's Wang Ren Fu). But ah Liang gave them pretty good rates as repeat customers. 

And last but not least, she wanted me to come along with her for the fitting like I did for her wedding fitting 12 years ago! She also wants me to take pictures and blog about it!


And today I told ah yee not to go downstairs too early lest Zy gets annoyed with me again for being late :P



He was so cute! When we got to the shophouse and walked up the stairs, Zy walked halfway and told turned around in his cutest voice he told the photographer " I love your house...." haha

Even the big mat was a playground for him!



As ah yee went on to try the gowns, it's challenging keeping Zy entertained! 

From selfies ....


To posing for him in the camera they prepared for him!




And his own selfie with my hat...


And when ah yee stepped out in her first gown, he was hopping around in joy and excitement, offering tonnes of praises to ah yee about how pretty she looked and how much he loved her in the dress....


And he did the same for gown no.2...


Also showing his love for his daddy...


And with every dress, he changed his preference from I love gown no. 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 etc! Haha


Super sweet kid swoon by his mum's beauty!



And of course, they got his suit ready too!


Likewise for uncle Sq's!


Sweet ain't it?

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