Thursday, June 29, 2017

Rebel Chefs

Did you know, beside Katong 112 there's a new Katong Square? Filled with quite a few new eateries!

The place seems quiet for a weekday night probably it's still pretty new. 

Tonight's dinner is over at Rebel Chefs! Located very inside the mall, look out for Baikohken or Killiney and you will see it!


The menu...


We were first served the focaccia....


It was soooo good! Home made according to the chef, Richard. One of the better focaccia I would say is at Prego and this is close to it! The thyme adds a flavor to it and it's so good! The bread is easy to tear and every mouth is a delight!


The burrata salad with a generous amount of rockets, black olives and very sweet cherry tomato! 




Mushroom soup...


Thick creamy mushroom soup with a charred mushroom that's so yummy! 

When evaluating the menu before I got there, I was very keen on the calamari coz it's got squid ink mayo! Today was even better! They had baby squid!


It was so good! The texture of the squid was great, the sauce had the squid taste too! Very good!


And here's what we were here for! Mussels! Saw quite some good reviews of their mussels and chef Richard also told us that their mussels are fresh from a local supplier...



It was really good! Particularly the sauce! A bit white wine and saffron-ish! The mussels were indeed fresh! We finished all the sauce!


Delightful meal!


For meals, we went with the beef stew...



The flavor was full and the beef was so soft. Very yummy!

We also went for the pork belly!



The pork belly skin is crackling! The meat was also tender. 
Limited portions everyday!

Dessert was homemade ice cream!


It's like kinder surprise! It's got raisins and chocolate inside, every mouth there's something. 

A short catch up with Fiona!


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