Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Nude Seafood with Kz & Jiahao!

The cousin and I celebrate our birthday over lunch! She was craving for omakaze but I didn't have the luxury of time, it was a strict one hour so we decided that Fukusen was it! Not like Fukusen was a compromise just that we've been there and we both enjoy checking out new places!

But really, Fukusen is awesome! It's quiet, food is great and it's near my office!

The very awesome foie gras chawanmushi. It's not like a tinge of foie gras only. Every mouthful you can taste the foie gras! It's very good!

Salmon belly...

Every mouthful a delight!

And right when we seated, the server updated us that the uni is fresh and just arrived today! It's almost a must to order their uni don! 

So we had both the uni don and the scallop don....

The scallop don had foie gras aburi and uni and its crazy crazy good! 

The uni don...

Generous, sweet uni! Some places their uni really suck but over here it's amazing! 

Fukusen is a comfortable lunch place with really good food!

A quick shot with Wendy!

Ok, 3 quick shots!

And look what she got me for my birthday!

Really didn't expect to receive presents presents this year and I love this! Hehe thank cute cousin!!

Dinner is with Kaizhi and Jiahao to celebrate mine and Jiahao's birthday! We are heading to Nude Seafood over at MBFC!


The dinner plates....




From Luzerne and can be purchased from www.luzerne.com !

We ordered two set dinners which included a starter, a mains, one ramen and a dessert per set!

For the first starter, we went for the scallop and Korean fried chicken...


The scallops were nicely seared, very yummy! The fried chicken was with a slight chilli like sauce but it's not very spicy. It's really good. The dish also comes with cous cous. Overall we liked it!


Our other starter was the soft shell crab and fried fish...


The chilli sauce that came with it reminds me of my old school Tuckshop Malay stall chilli sauce. It's a little sweet and goes really well with the fried fish!

For mains, we went for the Ocean Trout!

In fact, it was this picture of the Ocean Trout I saw on their social media that I couldn't get it off my head!



Omg! Sous vide style for sure!



The salmon is awesome! As good as I visualized it to be! 

And our other main was the garoupa. It comes with a very light broth. The garoupa was fresh and lightly fried. The mushroom was great and it all went very well with the broth...



The next course was the matcha soba...


This is SO GOOD!! It's matcha and I can literally taste the matcha! Served also in a light soya broth, it's fantastic! I love it!

We ordered both choices of the dessert...


I really liked the mango, coconut and Thai basil. The coconut ice cream and the sago was so good! 

Chocolate, blueberry and thyme ice cream!


Yes, u heard right! Thyme ice cream! It's soooooo unique!! 

The thing about dining at Nude Seafood is also about their staff, the passion they have for the food they serve. 

A good catch up!



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