Saturday, June 3, 2017

My birthday eve 2017!

Totally knocked out the night before and woke up late for lunch with dear dear! 

We arranged to meet at Vivo city and decided on Marche!


And a nice surprise as usual...


Trying to get axel to sing me a birthday song...


Or at least try to acknowledge me! Hahaha


I'm a bad godmum, barely meet up with axel! Need to work on that!



God ma will try my best to go punggol more often ok!


Dear dear got me something I've been meaning to get! A diffuser from B Sa B!





For her to get me this gift, goes to show how much she pays attention to the things I say and like! Super sweet!


After lunch, I headed to RWS to check in for my staycation. Spent a few hours of me time alone...




Kerry came to accompany me!



She came to keep me company before the sky turns dark coz she knows that I will be afraid of being alone in the room.

Bunny came over with Candice to pick us and we headed to Minds Cafe coz they knew I enjoy board games! Kerry said it's a feat coz she seldom comes to such cafes! We forgot to take pictures thou!

After Minds, we headed over to Cineleisure to catch Wonder Women, in the Platinum Suites!

Because they still have the promo of a welcome platter, a popcorn and a drink at $38!


Today's platter was bad thou. So bad that I didn't bother to take pictures of the food. The popcorn was great as usual thou!



Slightly before the show, the rest arrived with a cake!



Most surprising was that cat was part of the entourage!



So happy and such a good surprise!



Really happy with the arrangements!






Thank you for the surprise and for making my 36th birthday such a happy one!

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