Sunday, June 4, 2017

My birthday 2017!

While bunny went to work, the rest accompanied me through the day. As we slept really late the night before, we effectively woke up after noon and I convinced them to order room service instead!


I must say, the room service is buay pai. Especially the carbonara. It's also the most worth it to some extent.

My little elves...


With me!


And after brunch, we played cards! Lots of fun!


They got me very practical gifts! Ang pow! Knowing how broke I am! Hahaha


By evening, I went to get ready. Bunny was done with work and bringing me out for dinner!


Forgot to mention, my bouquet of flowers are from none other than bunny's mum!



Bunny brought me out for dinner at Adrift....


A nice bar concept place that she's been meaning to come by...




Adrift is on our list of 'To Visit'. Heard quite a bit of nice things of this place.

And I have present!!! A double C!



Thank u Bunny!!


She insisted the head gear didn't look as good and made me remove it! I look so plain don't I?? 

So we were first served this rice crisp thingy... it looks like those Indian fried crackers...


But it doesn't taste like the Indian fried crackers. It's slightly saltish, rather thin and quite nice to munch. The sauce as well. It's orange in colour, the taste is a little like mayo but not quite. It's not super strong in taste but goes very well with the crisp!

It was so good we polished off everything!

Next up was the tuna and avocado...


This is easily our favourite dish for the night! The avocado that was wrapped in the tuna was of a semi mash like texture and the tuna was so soft, everything just blended really well along with the sesame oil like sauce in the mouth!

The prawn and seaweed...


The prawns were big and succulent! It was served chilled and the sauce was like a vinegarette like kind of sauce, it's very good. By this dish, we were already feeling quite confident abt the food here.


The beef tartare Korea style...


Initially, I was worried it would be very kimchi in taste given the Korean style. Surprisingly, it wasn't! It's pretty good!

Roast pork belly...


The roast pork belly was decent.

The prawns...


It came smelling really good coz it's got the grilled prawns fragrance. The texture was described by the server as lobster like. I liked the texture but the portions were small with the shell still on. I would have liked it if it was chunkier!



The oysters were ok.




The tenderloin was not bad!


Pork chop...


Relatively pink and quite juicy..


A plus for this place would be the service! If you read my blog regularly you would definitely have read about a couple of episodes of restaurants who jeopardize nice, thoughtful surprises. But not Adrift! 

In fact, they exceeded expectations! Bunny requested for the lavender cake I think to be served with candle but while ordering, we decided to go for the chocolate profiteroles. The server caught it immediately served us this...



Yes, happy birthday to me!

And the profiteroles were so good! Some cream with toasted hazelnuts! It's so good!






Thank you Bunny! For planning dinner despite our recent tight budgets! To our new milestone and to us!


I recognize my somewhat controlling nature makes it tough to plan any form of surprises for me but thank you for trying! And thank you for being the one for me!

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