Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Happy birthday Xin!

It is Xin's birthday today! The family has celebrated it for her over the weekends so I wanted to do a little something for her today.

In fact today is supposed to be my dinner get together with JJ but I had a Duno is bak zam or Duno is pimple or Duno is infection thingy on my eye yday. It was a little painful so we rescheduled the dinner. Luckily we rescheduled coz I tried to head over for xin's surprise during lunch but there was just way too much work today. 

I effectively only got to end work at about 8 and luckily bunny was available to pick me up and we literally dashed to get the cake and over to Xin's! Luckily I had Guan as spy and the surprise was semi successful! 

She spotted me while I was trying to call Guan at the door!







It was a quick and nice surprise I guess. Hehe coz she really wasn't expecting it and the boys were excited over the cupcakes! Dylan immediately said he wants the salted caramel while Thaddeus went for the red velvet!

And yes I was 素颜 coz of my eye. I am indeed photogenic! In person look so cui but on photo looks ok leh! Hahahahaa

Glad to have managed to do this for xin with bunny's help! Happy birthday xin! May u continue to spread your positive energy around!

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