Friday, June 23, 2017

Feeling Super Today!

Celebrating my birthday with Joanne today and she told me she's bringing me to Super Loco! I love it when people plan a place to bring me! 

To be in the right tone of colours, I painted my nails accordingly!



Feeling super Loco! Hahaha

Super Loco is located at The Quayside!


She made reservations! Despite being an open area, they have huge fans so I'm glad it wasn't too warm.



My nails match the place!!



Stealing a taco first while waiting for jo to arrive and it was good! It got me hopeful for the rest of the items!


I had the chicken taco and it was flavorful with a generous portion of the chicken.

As soon as jo got here, we started with drinks! 

I had the watermelon basil drink...


It was really refreshing, not overly sweet. In fact, it doesn't taste like the watermelon pulp. Tasted more like the skin but not in a bad way.

Jo's frozen margarita!


For starters, we had a mango ceviche. It's apparently fish cured in lim juice. In the case of our order, it's snapper and with mango.....


I'm not a mango lover but this is good! Very refreshing and appetizing! The snapper fish had a good texture and goes very well with the shallots, lime, mango! We loved it!

Next was the tuna tartare with plantain crips....


The tuna tartare was not bad but the plantain crips did not have much of a taste. Ok, to be perfectly honest, I don't even know what's plantain as I'm blogging this (hehehe). It looked like banana but didn't taste like it. But coz it's pain it went pretty well with the nicely seasoned tuna. 

Next up was the crab tortillas...


This was good! Crab with mayo and avocado bites! Moist and juicy across the crispy tortillas! Yummy!

Chicken wings!


The chicken wings were really flavorful! Believe many will like it! It was a little too spicy for me (I'm lousy at spice) but I believe many will like this.

Chorizo and lamb taco...


I was too full by then. The chorizo taco felt too saltish and I don't take lamb. 

Nachos with guacamole...


The guacamole was good and the nachos was good too!

Thank u jo for the great catch up! 



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