Friday, June 2, 2017

Fascinating fascinator night!

I pretty look forward to tonight's celebration coz the ladies are prepared to dress up together! 

Dinner venue is Violet Oon and we chose the outlet at Bukit Timah...


And by the sheer entrance we are already confident of our dinner venue choice, how it will go so well with our dress up theme tonight!


The decor was very classy, vintage with all the peranakan tiles! The restaurant was not big but it was cosy and the service was good. One guy (can't rem his name) definitely has passion in the industry and service, going round amusing  patrons.


I loved everything about the decor, right down to the coasters!



Prissy was sweet to have got me a nice little bouquet as well!


So, what shall we have for dinner?







And after ordering and before the food came, of course we had to cam whore! 

And if you haven't already noticed, our theme tonight is hair fascinators!





























And food arrived! The nice server even helped us place it aligned on the table for nicer pictures effect!


Gado gado...


Dry laksa...


The dry laksa is pretty good! Has the good old laksa fragrance with big prawns served like a pasta!

Sio bak and salted vegetables soup...


Found it a little too oily for my liking but Fiona really liked it.

Chup chye...


I love the chup chye! I love chup chye in general haha

Babi pong Tay....


The meat was good and the sauce too!

The buah keluak ayam....


The buah keluak especially! They gave a small spoon to dig out the inside of the nut, it's good!

The line of dishes...



But if u ask me, my absolute favourite item for tonight is the bubur chacha panna cotta....


This is oh so good!


The panna cotta is so good and the topping above is coconut-ish and mixed with gula melaka... it's Mmmmmm!

The pulot hitam with ice cream...


Which is also amazing!

And they served a complimentary sugee cake for birthday celebrations!



It was also, so good! 

Thank u for being so onz ladies!



















After dinner, we decided to shift over to Manhattan at Regent Hotel for drinks!

So it was more cam whoring thru the night...
















A fascinating fascinator night!

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