Thursday, June 1, 2017

Buffetful Birthday!

So yes! U probably would have realized by now, it's my birthday month again! Filled with celebrations after celebrations! 

Tonight it's with Leonard and Dear dear!

We sort of arrowed Leonard to decide on a place and he suggested Melt. Actually, the past few days I have been having soooooo much buffet! Eat till scared! There was steamboat buffet (chong qing), meat buffet (Brazil Churrasco) and jap buffet (momiji)! 

But since we already said leonard will call the shots, we went ahead!


Melt, I will say is high in the list amongst the buffet restaurants in sg. I would say if you ask around, many would have tried and would have given good feedback about their buffet for its spread and value for money.

And as we got there, first thing to do was really to catch up! We were more excited to chit than the food until Cheryl came back with a plate of these....




Catch up was temporary paused and it was seafood galore!


The lobsters were of a decent size and their oysters were good too! The crab was relatively sweet as well!

Some buns n bread...


I didn't eat. Just thot I took a nice pic of it so show u all lo!

Eat buffet eat bread is a damn waste of money! Should be like Cheryl, she went for like 4 servings of the lobsters and crab! Haha

Some cold cut...


Roast beef...


Can't help but compare it with the one I recently had at Beach Road Kitchen. Beach Road kitchen one was much better in terms of taste and texture!

The Indian spread which was pretty good too. I couldn't help but find myself going for the papadum! Haha



The western savoury items...



And the Asian dishes...



Cheese! I love that they had Boursin, bleu cheese and Parmesan!




Yes, got to head back to the lobsters!


And their buffet included juices! I went for the pink guava!


Thanks for the lovely company and loyal friendship! N for the lobster meal!




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