Friday, June 30, 2017

Bringing the whole village over to Bees Knees!

Because the churros were so good, we had to bring the whole village! So we set a date to come here for the churros!


Everyone agreed it was good! It was thick and had a moist center and it was served hot! Oh so good with the cinnamon sugar!

Since we were here for this, the churros deserves more ootd shots! 


Dressed in glittering cinnamon and sugar!



And I know I have raved abt the beef papardelle and today I can conclude for sure, all their pasta are good! 

All their pasta, regardless of forms, were super good in texture! 

Something new on the menu we tried today was the pesto sauce with bone marrow pasta....


The bone marrow had a layer of charred cheese above and it was good! The bone marrow was ok but the shell shaped pasta was so good! The sauce is good if u like pesto like we do! The texture of the pasta was bouncy! Love it!

The prawn pasta...


Love the taste once again! It's got the prawn bisque kind of broth, very little gravy (wish there was more). Texture of pasta was again bouncy! The prawns looked not so fresh thou with all the black parts...


And of course, the beef papardelle we love and have raved so many times about!


The carbonara was also the hot favourite....


Amazing pasta at a great price! Sadly they close really early (8pm) even for a weekend night. Else it's a great place to hang out with good food!

Menu variety also would like to see them have more stuff since the chef obviously does very well! 

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