Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Back to Esquina!

I have been missing Esquina since my last visit! It's one of those places which got ticks on almost every dish! 


There was a slight screw up on my reservations via Chope. I had requested for level 1 bar counter seats but somehow the reservations reflected at Esquina side reflected as level 1 smoking seats - to which I tried to explain to the server how unlikely I would make such a request as both of us are non smokers plus I am damn scared of heat. 

The server brought us upstairs to a corner seat which was so damn hot. When asked if we could be changed to a level 1 bar seat, the server said he would check which shortly after we got it. 

To be honest, while the server did eventually managed to get is the bar counter seats, he wasn't the most patient or did he appear that keen to 'assist'. He appeared pretty cold and disinterested when I tried to explain the situation. In fact, to the extent of looking annoyed when he directed us to our seats which was ??!!?? Even the patrons who were seated me at level 2 gave me a look of empathy. 

But aside from him, the rest of all the service team were really thumbs up! Even the chef! 

The menu...


The beauty of this place is also the counter seats where you can see the chefs in action...


It really is a joy! Watching them prepare the item by item. As the crowd slowly got in and the orders increased, the pace of the food preparations also got more intense and there was great teamwork and synergy flowing around in the kitchen!

The female server with us was also full of energy in recommending dishes to us.


I remember really really liking this dish. It's minced cod fish and above it is roasted bell pepper. Served chilled...


The cod fish texture makes the whole thing so smooth and as it is popped into the mouth, it's just so awesome! I had 2 of it!

The Spanish omelette....


The Spanish omelette looks different from the usual ones I had! My friend really liked it too!

Pork jowl...


The pork jowl was so tender! Nested above a tangy sauce.

And next up is my favourite cauliflower!!! It's roasted cauliflower with crispy bacon like Parma ham! And cheese!


Another of my favourite dish here!

The grilled octopus is also super awesome!


It's so good I wish they gave bigger portions! The texture is a firm and so good on every bite!

The croquette like bite....



The beef and pork cannoli....


This was also so good! With truffle pieces above and foie gras mixed in the meat, it was so flavorful!

The last time I came, the suckling pig was out. Luckily, they have it today!


The suckling pig is boneless! The skin was crispy and upon cutting it, you already can tell this is a good piece of meat. It tears apart so easily!


Oh so yummy!!

One of their daily special is their foie gras...




Also oh so good!

At the end, the chef offered us complimentary happy endings! Chocolate ice cream...



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