Thursday, June 22, 2017

Aura with Meixin

My birthday treat from Meixin today! She suggested Aura at National Gallery. It's my first visit to the new national gallery and the place looks like it's got so much to offer! Be it the exhibitions, the dining places and photography spots!

Aura is another restaurant under chef beppe. After the great experience at Osteria Art, I am hopeful to try out Aura!

The restaurant setting is classy and the ambience is good. 

The complimentary bread...

Missing the octopus from Esquina, we went for the octopus and it was really good! 

Importantly, portion was also bigger than Esquina! Haha 
Comes with a fried poached egg in the middle, it's super good!

Foie gras!


The roast beef...

The beef is very good, melts in your mouth!

And a complimentary cake!

After dinner, we checked out the upper deck where there's a view!

Took some shots with the great scenery!

Bunny came to pick us up and we dropped Meixin home and I finally got to visit her place and meet mei mei for the first time!

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