Saturday, June 24, 2017

And June goes on!

A fulfilling (and tiring) long weekend! Craving for some rest actually!!

And on a happy note, it's my birthday gathering with seafoodies and meina today and also Jolene's baby shower!

Outfit of the day!







Ken picked me up as bunny was busy working! 

The baby shower was a cozy event...





After the shower, I went for a quick hair cut before meeting the seafoodies. And here's a quick selfie!


With a lot of meitu of course!

My birthday gathering with seafoodies is at Centrepoint's beautypot!

A couple of us have already tried it whilst those who haven't, loved it too!



The meat, the soup, all was good. Price tag also very good :z

Thank u seafoodies for the birthday treat and the updates of good news!



After the super short gathering, I headed over to meet up with meina before going over to Rice & Fries for dinner!


There are new changes to the menu again!

The lobster bisque soup....


With good amount of lobster chunks...


Compliments from chef ken, Parma ham and chorizo platter...


Meina came specially for their signature lamb shank!


I went for my usual grilled salmon!


They changed the sauce to tomato! I miss my cream based sauce!

And clearly, meina was enjoying her lamb shank!




Always fun times at R&F!

And followed by 3p mj! Delightful end to a night!

And ya, my girlfriend is amazed I really celebrate my birthday for a full month! Haha

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