Friday, May 26, 2017

Team Lunch @ South Beach

TGIF! Again! TGIF!!!

Time for something a little casual yet if there's a last minute appointment, I can pull it off with my attire....




Team lunch today at South Beach's Beach Road Kitchen! Buffet lunch at $58++ 

The team was excited about lunch!



The decor of the place is very modern and like an open kitchen, cozy and spacious between tables...


I love the marble design and of course the marble plates they are using from Luzerne!


This was the first section we attacked! The cold seafood area and it was like heaven! 

They have carpaccio, salads and other antipasti of mackerel, sword fish, salmon, scallop!


They are all amazing! We loved it so much we did at least 2 rounds here each and we were reluctant to move on to the other stations!

Tuna and salmon tartare...


Fresh chilled prawns...


And special attention to the Alaskan crabs....


The Alaskan crab claws were so so so sweet! I typically do not eat much of these but they were so so good!

And u know what? They serve scampis!!


My favourite scampis!!!

And smoked salmon...





Cheese and salami...





And the grilled section (mama mia!)....


That's beef ribs, lamb chops and grilled prawns!


And may I present to you, prime rib beef!!


The prime rib was salt crusted by the side and its sooooooooo good!

And aside from prime rib they had beef ribs!

I don't take lamb but my colleagues who did all raved about it. They went for seconds and thirds! 

I'm super happy with my beef!


Other baked stuff...


The fish was fresh and good!

Local delights!


And seriously, their local delights were as good as the international spread! It's somewhat surprising but in a very pleasant way!

The chicken satay...


The chicken satay in particular was so juicy and tender in good chunks!

My colleagues know I love chicken rice and particularly drumsticks! So they got me my yuan yang 鸡腿! We shared the chicken rice and everyone agreed the standard was good. Particularly the white chicken! It was as good as a typically chicken rice stall! The roast chicken is more like a fried chicken and the rice was decent....


And the laksa! Everyone give their thumbs up! It was so good! Despite this being buffet and laksa being coconut, they finished all the laksa soup! Haha


They also have a wide variety of desserts!

This uncle here who is in charge of the pancakes and waffles is so friendly and kind!


Cakes and pastries...


And see how cute these are!


The fillings are red bean and yam!

And they had gummies!


Ice cream!


We shared the black sesame and it was so strong in flavor (in a damn good way!)


Aside from ice cream, they even have a soft serve machine!!


Their soft serve is superb, it's of premium quality especially the chocolate one!

And another item we raved about is the hazelnut chocolate....



We loved it so much and it's so addictive!

Lovely desserts!


To add on, their lunch is so wu hua! For $58++, it even comes with free flow coffee/tea and it includes iced tea and coffee! We thoroughly enjoyed the meal!



With the lovely ladies...



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