Monday, May 8, 2017

Someone craved for oysters

It's really sad that tunglok group pulled out of the Amex dining benefits campaign. The Amex promo was a lot more worth it! 

Today, someone was craving for oysters so it was an impromptu decision to splurge.

Their oysters are amazing as usual! Fat oysters which are so fresh!

And we ordered two combo bags...

His black pepper one is a Vivo special, it was not bad! A little sweet pepperish!

And we went for our usual favorite the cream sauce...

And I will always request to add sausage! The cream sauce is very good! 

Their clams are also fat and of a good size! 

Their truffle fries was so good we end up ordering two portions!

And we tried this crab Rockfella...

Oh it was great! It's crab meat with spinach stuffed in the crab shell. Greatest thing is no need to deshell the crab myself. Haha

It was an enjoyable meal!

The oyster craver..,

Although they removed the Amex promo, they introduced an in house discount card which offers points and discounts at a cost of $20 I think. We took it up. 

With this post, like to also give credits to a staff of Dancing Crab. Mr Paul, the restaurant manager at Orchard Central.

This meal, we had it at Vivo but after this, we did Dancing Crab again at Orchard Central on 16th May. To celebrate Mother's Day for bunny's mum. 

In comparison, I would think vivo's food tasted better (despite ordering similar stuff hence I didn't take pictures already) but Paul's service won us. He was attentive and he made guests feel good. When we ordered their promo of 3 lemonades and 1 free yet we wanted to let bunny's mum try the lavender lemonade (coz it's so good), he not only initially  allowed us to change and even gave us a glass on his accord. A small gesture that goes a long way.

We also remember him to be the nice guy who served us when we visited the turf city branch a couple of years back and because of his good service, he managed to yodel us the dungeoness crab! Thumbs up for the good service!

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