Thursday, May 25, 2017

Leopard Prints, Flying Udon!

Matching the Lacy Doretta black top with leopard print peplum skirt for a rather powerful look!





Meeting Fiona and Priscilla today and I told them "hey! I'm in leopard prints today! Wana match me? "

Sure enough, they did!

Dinner was at Hana, the flying udon place! Heard about it for awhile and finally got to visit!



We started off with a salad to share, their kurobuta black pork...


Which was pretty good. Wish they gave more pork! Haha

An item that I couldn't resist ordering was their Raclette cheese maki! Served on a sizzling plate followed by some generous (still can afford to be more) amount of raclette cheese!


The mere scent of it drives me crazy!

And they torch it!



Honestly, I can't care much for the sushi inside but the raclette is oh so good. Ok, maybe if they had charred it a bit further would have been even better but seriously, raclette is soooooo good, I love it!

Next up is the star, the truffle udon with Sakura shrimps....



It's very instagram worthy, appearance wise! Taste wise, its s decent udon except the truffle sauce was a little overpowering. 

Another of their specialty is their taco sushi....


We went for the unagi one, it was pretty ok.

We also had the Chicken karage...


Nice fried chicken!

The person also recommended the 4x3 grid....


It was more like a sample platter but the price was a little steep at $38 considering the portions and the choice of items.  I will definitely not order this again.

Drinks wise, they also have interesting drinks! Not sure of the name of this one but it's like some apple drink with passion fruit served with a smokey debute....


The drink was pretty good. It can be shared and the passion fruit bits were really good too. 

Cam whoring with the food!







We pretty much enjoyed the meal and the conversations. And we were looking forward to more cam whoring in our leopard prints! 

It's great to have likeminded spontaneous friends!






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